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Kazim Abass

Kazim Abass


Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Kazim Abass is a pragmatist entrepreneur, philanthropist and a passionate advocate for social change especially for children. After obtaining an education from Agakhan International School in Kampala, Uganda, he quickly moved in entrepreneurship apprenticeship and training for several years.

Kazim has been an integral part of several other successful businesses around the world and he is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Canwest Ltd, a leading brand of total IT solutions in Ghana and several other countries. Providing personalized customer care services to his clients based and People to people relationship has been the pivot of his business success. This drives him towards achieving excellence in improving the world through IT solutions to companies and individuals.

He is all involving philanthropist, committing his time, money and contacts to see that vulnerable people especially children are improved in areas of education, health care and safety.

Street Children Empowerment Foundation