Empowering Street Connected Children through Music

— On December 4, 2018 by

Hello to everyone, I would like to tell you more about our Christmas preparation and more about the reasons why music can be very important in everybody’s life. A famous rock singer once said: ” Music can change the world because music can change people!” and I totally agree. Music has many benefits especially for […]

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Empowering Street Children through Acting and Dancing

— On November 23, 2018 by

Hello, My name is Darya and I am from Helsinki, Finland. I arrived in Accra, Ghana, very late one Sunday evening a few weeks ago. My internship at Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) includes having empowering acting and dancing workshops with children after school activities. The children will be performing on the 15th of December […]

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Sharing the Joy of Christmas 2018

— On November 21, 2018 by

Christmas is celebrated across the world to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is widely celebrated and accepted in many countries. During Christmas schools and work places go on a break. Christmas holidays have become internationally recognized. It is a season of joy. Both the young and the old show appreciation to their families […]

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Sharing the Joy of Christmas 2016

— On December 17, 2016 by

  Dear friends of SCEF, Christmas greetings to you! Thanks to you every month some 1,500 children are able to enjoy our Learning Hub and improve the talents they have. On behalf of them, thank you for giving them this wonderful opportunity.   Now, before Christmas, about 20 children were rehearsing every day for the […]

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Sharing the Joy of Christmas with SCEF

— On December 9, 2014 by

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays. Almost everywhere in the world people celebrate this time of the year together with their families and closest friends. Christmas is about love, joy and family. Also in here in Accra SCEF is going to celebrate Christmas with the street and vulnerable children of James Town. You […]

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