One time donations

When you donate money today, you will be helping us to provide support to children in James Town, ensuring that even the hardest to reach and most vulnerable children are taken care of.

Ghanaian kids playing with donated toys

Used where it’s needed most

One-time donations will be used wherever they are needed most at the moment. If not specified otherwise, then one-time donations are not bound to a specific program or project but will be used as SCEF decides on a case-to-case basis.

A litte money can go a long way

Illustration of a health insurance card

Registration for National Health Insurance for 1 year

9 € / 12 $

Illustration of a male and female school uniform

A School Uniform

4 € / 6 $

Illustration of a school bag, a text book and 3 notebooks

A school bag with a text book and three notebooks

8 € / 11 $

Illustration of a soup, a banana and a pineapple

Breakfast & Lunch for 1 month

12 € / 16 $

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Donate to SCEF via bank transfer today

Name: Street Children Empowerment Foundation
Account numbers:
214 101 9439 110 (GHS)
214 101 9439 230 (USD)
214 101 9439 430 (EUR)
214 101 9439 330 (GBP)
Name of the bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana
Swift code: GTBIGHAC

Street Children Empowerment Foundation