Arts Club

Twice a week, SCEF encourages students to use their artistic skills and materials to create new solutions.

Thinking Ghanaian student
Thought bubble that contains an outside the box thought

Developing creative thinking

When children are engaged in creative arts they get the opportunity to improve their creative abilities in a non-threatening environment. They are encouraged to offer solutions artistically, to think analytically, and behave independently.

During our work with the students and the schools, we got to know that the children aren’t taught to think outside the box. SCEF formed Arts Club to encourage creative thinking by practising arts and teaching the students to think in different ways.

SCEF is trying to open up the students’ minds not only with drawing and painting. Games, dancing and pantomimes are also great practices where they learn how to express themselves.

School schedule with canceled art classes

Why SCEF’s help is needed

Creativity courses should be offered by Ghana’s educational system. Unfortunately they are not taking place in the schools. Arts with well-resourced classes is supposed to be fun and interesting to kids, but the schools don’t offer the materials and the kids can’t afford them.

With donated materials, SCEF goes into the schools and helps the students to explore arts and the creative tasks under a certain topic. The encouragement helps the children to explore own solutions and grow within the process instead of getting instructions and having a finished product.

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