We monitor our beneficiaries regularly to ensure their personal problems are as little as possible so that they can focus on their education.

SCEF social worker and beneficary have fun together
Pie Chart that shows that 36% of street children drop out of school within 3 months

Overwhelming Challenges

SCEF was founded when Paul Semeh discovered that 36% of street children who started government school were dropping out within three months. Many of them were the first person in their family to attend school. Without support, the challenges quickly became overwhelming. SCEF realized that these students needed a support system.

The Monitoring takes place every other month

The Monitoring System evolved

Monitoring has allowed us to catch unsustainable home and school situations before it is too late and correct the issue by allowing for a safe dialogue between child, guardian and teacher.

Each of our beneficiaries is visited by a SCEF team member at their school every other month. The student is interviewed as to how they are doing in school, what their struggles and successes are, and personal information that could affect their school performance. Then the classroom teacher is interviewed.

If the child has challenges, SCEF organizes follow-up visits. A visit to the home, talking to parents or family, or checking with community leaders is involved.

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