Read Right Club

The Read Right Club takes place twice a week to teach students how to read English correctly and how to understand it properly.

Thinking Ghanaian student
Illustration of a SCEF staff member teaching pupils the ABC

Developing good readers

Children in James Town never really have the opportunity to learn the skills to read. Even though Primary 1, 2 and 3 should be taught in the child’s native language, most textbooks are written in English. The Problem is that many of the students are struggling with English. SCEF’s Read Right Club strengthens the student’s ability to use phonics in learning to read English by offering free extra classes.

Illustration of a book for students to learn the ABC

Involving the teachers

The teachers in James Town appreciate our help so much and even requested to receive training, support, and materials to assist them in teaching English in their classroom. In trying to make reading correctly in school as sustainable as possible, SCEF supplies the teachers with textbook and other teaching materials.

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