SCEF’s Center for Grassroots Enterprise – is a center that will be hosted in a 3 storey building constructed with a conference room, shop and offices that will provide business support services to startups/micro enterprise/cooperatives of parents/guardians of rescued street and vulnerable children to be able to afford the education of their children.

building scef 002

This project was phased in two: the construction and the furnishing of the building.

History and Need: The SCEF Learning Hub Phase 1 & 2 is currently a facility of educational and creative learning opportunities for all children of James Town.  The center serves over 100 children and over 20 adults each day. Within school going hours, the center is used solely by rescued street children. It serves as a safe haven for children and shelters them from the harsh and noisy environment. It provides a setting which supports learning and acts as a center for educational activities and vocational training.

Nevertheless, with time SCEF has come to realize that the existing buildings of the Learning Hub do not offer enough space to cater to a second beneficiary group – the parents (mothers and fathers) and guardians of the children we work with. The existing buildings of the Learning Hub do not provide any space that could be used to work closely with this group of beneficiaries and help them build their businesses and get further education.

In order to meet this need, SCEF applied and got funding from the Grant for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGHSP) of the Embassy of Japan, Ghana to construct a 3 – storey building at the Learning Hub site that caters directly to this group of beneficiaries. The aim is to have the needed space and equipment to further strengthen our services and really offer quality services to street children in James Town and Accra Central communities.


This new building at the Learning Hub site, which is designed in accordance to the needs of parents and guardians, would solve the current problem of inadequate space. SCEF sees this project as an opportunity to inaugurate more focused and close work with this group of beneficiaries. The building being constructed is a three-storey building: the ground floor houses play area, the first floor houses a shop and a storage space, the second floor houses offices and the third floor houses a conference room.

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