Sexual Awareness

SCEF’s Sexual Awareness & Enforcement program is informing about sexual rights and helps families in situations of abuse or defilement.

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Helping the community

Many people in James Town have known no other standard of living than that of an unstable existence without a roof over their heads. The result is a growth in cultural poverty, which often leads to sexual abuse and early child birth.

SCEF offers a place for children and their families where they can get counselling and assistance. We try to build up a healthy life for the children by answering questions and giving out sanitary pads to girls. In addition, SCEF provides legal aid to seek justice for children who have been defiled by adults in and around James Town.

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Teaching healthy sexual behavior

Our goal is to promote healthy sexual behavior among young people. We encourage teachers and families to talk with their children about human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases. We are holding workshops and seminars in different James Town public schools about:

  • Sexual reproduction and strategies to prevent sexual abuse.
  • Sexual diseases and prevention.
  • Sexual activity; including abstinence and the usage of condoms.
  • Their rights when sexual abuse has occurred.

Hopefully, we will have trained students in the future who can advise and educate others.

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