Annual Report

Message From The Executive Director

I welcome you to another edition of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation’s
(SCEF) annual report. I am thrilled to share the passion and drive of the SCEF team
that has resulted in a successful fiscal year.
I hope that this report is able to capture the countless hours, crucial consideration,
profound love and immense effort put into our work on a daily basis. We invite you
to share in SCEF’s journey of our 2015-2016 year.

Paul Semeh
Illustration of the Learning Hub

Community Training Centre

Together with SCEF’s main sponsors, as well as securing the Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security from the Embassy of Japan, a three-storey Community Training Center for Women and Children has been funded for construction. This building will empower parents of scholarship recipients to contribute to their children’s education by securing their own businesses and a reliable income, as well as aid in resolving SCEF’s problems with inadequate office and training space.The grant from the Embassy of Japan was just under $90,000 USD, and has been given in three disbursements with two more yet to be disbursed.

Illustration of the Changes that happened in 2013

Community Service Successes

With the recent partnership with Coca-Cola Equatorial Africa in May of 2016, we now have 30 subscribed parents to begin selling a brand new product with their new full service model and 5 X 20 model. Focusing on deprived communities such as Jamestown, Coca-Cola has introduced a smaller, cheaper bottle of Coke to sell. Coca-Cola is supplying both the storage containers and ice blocks for the parents, therefore all that parents will be investing in is the product itself.We have also developed four new training lessons given by a volunteer trained psychologist and counselor on soft skills, temperament, the importance of education as well as parent and child relationships within the home.

Illustration of Volunteer with kids in his hands

Community Service: Parent Initiatives

The Community Service section of SCEF has branched out as its own department outside of the Social Service department this fiscal year. All SCEF parent initiatives branch out of our Life Skills for Sustainable Development Program. The epicenter of every child’s vulnerability is in their parent’s/guardian’s lack of capacity in the areas of literacy, empowerment or motivation, underemployment, employable skills and lack of startup capital. SCEF envisions a future where parents can independently cater for the education of their children.

Illustration of the connection between Finland and Ghana

Social Service: Major Medical cases

Bernard is a scholarship recipient who was left paralyzed from the waist down due to spinal tuberculosis. The SCEF team found him abandoned in a kiosk about four years ago. Bernard underwent spinal surgery at FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital as it was his last hope at life. Two and half years later Bernard has built up his strength and health for his second, and hopefully last surgery. This past May SCEF raised the funds for Bernard to receive an elongation of illio psoas, adductors & hamstring as well as hip spica. After a 20% sponsorship by FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital, the revised bill cost 19,800 GHC. Bernard has since exceeded the ten weeks of physiotherapy expected with a long road ahead of him until his full recovery.

Illustration of SCEF USA Text on an outline of the US

Social Service: CHaW Project

Children in Hazardous Work (CHaW) is a project that was initiated in November of 2015 with a main aim at rescuing 100 children between the ages of 6 and 14 who are engaged in various forms of hazardous works in the Ashiedu Keteke Sub Metro area. The hazardous work in CHaW’s capacity can range from fishing, scrap collectors, commercial sex workers, to head porters. Out of the 100 targeted children, SCEF has been able to successfully rescue 41 children through the CHaW program that have been reintegrated with their families, 35 of which have been enrolled into schools or skills development training initiatives.

Illustration of the SCEF Complimentary Education Programs

Fundraising and Administration

The Fundraising and Administration department has been continuously growing throughout 2015-2016. SCEF would not be able to sustain itself without the enormous effect our growing godparent system has had thanks to this department this year. Fundraising has also increased the number of locations where donations boxes are set, which is increasing the amount of opportunities for outside communities
to gain awareness about SCEF.Strengthening our Local Fundraising

Streetism and lack of access to education is not just a Ghanaian problem, it is an international issue we all need to confront. Help us join together in combating these major issues as a team, with the effective approach that will mobilize and impact the world at large, because these children are our future leaders.

Signature of Paul Semeh

Paul Semeh

Executive Director, Founder

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