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Paul Semeh

Executive Director, Founder

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy

I started SCEF purely because I wanted to make my leadership skills available for people who can’t give back. Because for me, this is what leadership means! I think SCEF is the only opportunity that we are able to built a sustainable world on the bedrock of children who become the human resource of this world to be able to create a world safe for everyone. I believe that building strong children, strong families, strong systems and strong communities only comes with pure selfless teamwork and action of individuals.

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Abena Owusu-Gyamfi

HR Officer

BSc. Business Administration (HRM)

As a Business Administration (HR) graduate I possess a three years’ administrative experience and have the ability to organize people and systems in order to achieve objectives. I joined SCEF as a volunteer and had the opportunity to work closely with the Executive Director as the Executive Assistant and now the HR Officer. His infectious passion in his work in servitude to children left an indelible mark on me. With this plus all the dedicated team players, irrespective of our differences and ideas drive me every day to be a part of the team that is making a visible impact in the lives of the people in the community we serve.



Isaac Abaidoo

Community Coordinator

Higher National Diploma in Textiles Designing and Graphics

I was born in James Town myself and I spent all my life here. My community is a community which needs so much development and sometimes when I sit back and watch the community, it seems like there is no hope. I decided to do my best to help especially the younger generation to get an education and slowly turn the community into a better place. I want to serve people who can’t pay me back and with SCEF, this is possible.

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Nancy Aryee

Nancy Ayorkor Aryee

Project Officer II (Rescue & Rehabilitation)

Dip. Social Work

The welfare of a child is paramount to humanity as well as SCEF. My main objective is helping vulnerable children to become heroes of their time. Rescuing, Reintegrating and Rehabilitating is our hallmark. Working with vulnerable children is my greatest heart desire .When I heard of SCEF, I decided to join their train to raise these vulnerable children to become universal heroes.

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 Widade Gifty Ofori

Fundraising Officer

Certified Broadcast Journalist

My struggles in life made me develop a passion to be a voice for the voiceless! I believe that one does not need to have it all to impact   the lives of street and vulnerable children. To me the best way to practice journalism is to address the problem from the core. I am proud to be part of the SCEF team in fighting the cause of street and vulnerable children through advocacy and fundraising to support their educational needs.

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Bennet Boakye Danquah

Bennet Boakye Danquah

Project Officer I (Fieldwork, Monitoring & RTP Play-based Learning Project)

Bachelor in Christian Education

Knowing that education is every child’s right made me love the whole concept of what SCEF does. Rescuing children from the streets, taking them to schools and also providing them with the basic school supplies, are some of the things that attracted me to SCEF.

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Petteri Pietinen

Petteri Pietinen

Country Manager SCEF Finland, Founding Member

Bachelor in Social Work

Why I joined the SCEF team: SCEF does amazing work to benefit the children and whole community of James Town. Why would I not want to be a part of this?

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Susanna Halinen

Susanna Halinen

Head of Volunteers Finland, Founding Member

Bachelor in Social Services

I am part of the founding team. In 2010 I did my practical training in Accra and in 2012 I worked with SCEF in PR. SCEF has grown a lot during these years and it is a pleasure to see that we are making a difference together. In Finland, I have worked as a Coordinator for a Development Communications project at Metropolia UAS, in cooperation with SCEF in 2013. This project was funded by the Ministry For Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Natalie Schuck

Natalie Schuck

Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (LL.M.)

Right from the start I believed in the work SCEF is doing. It’s great to be part of the team that is not only giving so many children comfort, but also helping them into a better future by supporting them in their education and other struggles they fight on the streets! Even when I am not in Ghana, I can help the local SCEF team to empower vulnerable children – I do that with a lot of joy!

Carmen Belaschk

Carmen Belaschk

Finance Manager SCEF Germany

Degree in Music Journalism

I had my first connection to SCEF during a documentary project in Ghana. I’m excited about so many people fighting for a better education for children. In support of this great team of social workers I opened an account to collect donations, which later became the official bank account for all donations from Germany. I am very proud to transfer the money directly to Ghana – with no cent getting lost.


Tina Kortelainen

Master of Social Sciences in Cultural Anthropology (M.Soc.Sci.)

German Volunteer Coordinator

I joined SCEF in 2012 by assisting SCEF Finland with a development communication project for students. In 2013 I joined SCEF Ghana as a staff member and held the role of Project Coordinator (Administration) until 2015. After relocating to Berlin, I joined SCEF Germany. My main input is in the areas of communication and fundraising. It’s a pleasure to support a local NGO that makes a positive impact in its surroundings.

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Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown

Country Manager SCEF USA

Bachelors in Education, Masters of Divinity

I took an early retirement to work with children in Ghana and heard of SCEF. I learnt that many children in school could not read. Because of my passion for reading, I helped SCEF create and implement our Read Right Program. I like SCEF’s social work and am proud to have been the project coordinator of social work for many years. Now I support from the USA.

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Finance Manager SCEF USA

Certified in Early Childhood, Trained Foster Parent

Children all over the world deserve an education. I have a love for children and when I found out about SCEF I knew I wanted to be a part. Seeing the children’s eyes light up as they get their school books is so exciting.

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