Become a Godparent

How your money is used

Being a godparent for a SCEF beneficiary helps children claim their right to education and have a successful start to their life. Your generosity also lifts the entire community, as the SCEF activities reach children’s parents, guardians and other community members.

Your donations for your child are combined with the donations of other godparents – rather than just being giving directly to your sponsored child – to support programs that help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve.

How to become a godparent

  1. 1Choose to sponsor a SCEF beneficiary today. Send us an email and within 10 days you will receive a photo and information about the child in your Welcome Kit.
  2. 2When you sponsor one of our children, they will be notified by our local staff. You have the opportunity to write to your godchild and to receive correspondence from them.
  3. 3Being a godparent fosters sustainability. You commit to helping your godchild for one year at a time (you can pay monthly), which makes it possible for SCEF to plan sustainably.
  4. 4Every 3 months you will receive an update report on how your godchild is doing, along with a greeting from your godchild. It is also possible for you to send letters to your godchild through SCEF.

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