For Corporations

How you can partner with us

Illustration of a donation box that is restricted to a certain project

Restricted and non-restricted donations

When making a donation to us in the name of your corporation, you can choose to support a specific program or project. We will gladly discuss several different possibilities with you.

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We gladly accept donations-in-kind from companies. Maybe you can supply us with office equipment or sponsor snacks and drinks for a special event? If you would like to support us in this way, please contact us with your offer.

Illustration of two puzzle pieces that fit and stand for scef and you

Become a project partner

Cooperate with us on a specific program or project in the long term and have an influence on project implementation. We work closely with our long-term partners and supply you with detailed communications and marketing materials.

Illustration of a megaphone that shouts SCEF

Advocate for SCEF

Use your own communication channels to let employees, customers and other stakeholders know about SCEF’s work and your support for street children. “Spreading the word” is a valuable contribution to our work and helps us find new supporters. We will gladly supply you with relevant information, such as photos and videos, and we make our logo available for major cooperation partners.

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