Useful donations-in-kind

Illustration of a laptop, a stapler and paperclips

Office Equipment

You can donate office Equipment such as computers, printers, writing material, paper, etc.

Illustration of a book, 3 notebooks, 3 pencils and a pencil sharpener

School Material

School exercise books and writing material

Illustration of a color palette, 3 brushes and a color tube

Paints, Colors & Fabrics

Paints, colors, fabrics and other equipment for the SCEF Arts Club

Illustration of a jersey, a football and two cones

Sports Equipment

Balls, jerseys and other sports equipment for the SCEF Sports Club

Illustration of a book shelf with books on it

Story books & teaching material

Story books and teaching material for the SCEF Read Right Club

Illustration of a kebab, two pure water bags and a sode bottle

Snacks & Drinks

Water, beverages and snacks for special events, for example our annual Christmas event

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