Fundraising campaigns

Fundraising Suggestions

If you need a bit of fundraising inspiration, check out our fundraising ideas to help get you going:

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Host a quiz

Bring out the competitive side of friends or colleagues by holding a quiz one evening or lunchtime. Charge a small amount of money per entry to find out who will be crowned quiz champion.

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Give something up

Go without your daily coffee and donate the money you would normally spend. Or ask people to sponsor you to give something up.

"Illustration of a rattleling collection tin

Organize a collection

Shake those buckets and rattle those tins. Stand at the school gate or place a collection tin with local shops and businesses.

Illustration of an iron and a broom that sweeps up leaves

Chore time

Make life easier for everyone and get sponsored to do the ironing or sweep up the leaves. You’ll never be short of takers for this one.

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Host a party

Turn your home into a restaurant by cooking a great meal. Rather than paying the bill, ask your guests to make a donation.

Illustration of a stage with a speaker and a lady in a dress

Organize a special event

If you are interested in organizing a large scale special event for SCEF then please get in touch. We’ll add your event to our calendar and offer you plenty of support along the way to help you raise as much as possible.

How SCEF supports you

Tell us about your fundraising and you’ll receive the following from SCEF:

  • Updates about how your fundraising is helping our work
  • Fundraising tips
  • Resources like flyers or photos

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