SCEF Library; A platform to improve children’s reading skills.

Reading is an integral part of education. Children can only perform well in school if they have good reading skills. They can only study social studies, mathematics, creative arts and other subjects if they are able to read and understand. Some children are privileged to have access to reading materials. However the street and vulnerable children who are mostly from deprived communities do not have the privilege to acquire good reading skills.These children are determined and will not hesitate to make an effort to read when giving the opportunity.


At SCEF we believe reading is every child’s right, at our Learning Hub there is a library full of books for children. Children in James Town are always attracted to our library. They are able to get access to story books and text books for their school work. They enjoy coming to the library.


The library continues to play a major role in nurturing literacy among street and vulnerable children. Our library has brought smiles on the faces of children who lack access to books and other learning materials.Alisa

My name is Alisa I like coming to the library because reading is my best.


My Name is Korkoi. Some years back we had no library here in James Town, Accra. I am happy SCEF has provided a library for our children. My grandchildren enjoy coming to the library.


Parents should encourage their children to go the library. I believe this will improve children’s reading skills.

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