The Future is Female

As a young female reaches her adolescent stage, she is exposed to a lot of changes (physical and social). The decision she makes at this stage of her life goes a long way to affect her adulthood. It is therefore imperative for young girls to have a support system that will guide them through this process. Jamestown is an urban-rural settlement with a high rate of teenage pregnancy. Young girls residing in this particular area are exposed to a lot of things which may be harmful to their sexual reproductive health, their education, and their life as a whole.
SCEF-Ghana with immense support from Abigail Agyeman, has come with a mentoring program to guide these young girls through this sensitive stage of their lives. 10 girls have been selected to be under this program; four girls in this group are already teenage mothers and six other adolescent girls. 7 of these 10 girls are still in school and 3 others are mothers who have decided to learn a trade to support their children.
On December 7, 2018, Abigail Agyeman organized a “meet and greet” for the girls on SCEF- Ghana premises. The basic purpose for this meeting was to get to know the girls and create an environment for them to share their experiences and challenges as young girls and teenage mothers living in Jamestown.
The whole premises shined with Christmas decorations as the girls socialized with themselves and shared food and drinks.
They got the opportunity to talk to each other and they enjoyed their time. In the beginning, every girl got a pink T-shirt which says “The Future is female” to make them feel connected to each other. In addition, teenage mothers got a little gift bag for their babies. The girls were very thankful for this meeting and it showed the importance of a group like that. It is the second time that SCEF-Ghana is organizing a group for the teenage girls.
The purpose of this group is to encourage young girls to find their way on the right track and to fight for their dreams. We want to empower them to be able to have a good future. Everything starts with education that is why we want them to keep going to school or to learn a trade. This girl group should help them to share their experiences and to talk about their problems. It is likely that some of the girls go through the same trouble. In our group, they can give each other advice and discuss the decisions they made.

We want them to get to know themselves better, through this they will learn more about their personal values and the opportunities and possibilities they have as young women in their society.

Gertrude Barketey
Social Service Provider

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