Your Responsibilities

You can be responsible for one or more of the below depending on your assigned department

  • Monitoring / Interviewing the children in their schools to find out about their life circumstances and their struggles.
  • Rescue work; Street Presence
  • In special cases: Accompany children to medical check-ups in the hospital or to court cases about sexual abuse
  • Rehabilitation: Preparation of the rescued children for reintegration(enrollment in the public school)
  • Helping in our After-school Learning Hub Activities (Reading, Homework, Craft & Art, Play with Purpose etc.).
  • Community Service: Community Outreaches, joining the operations of the Village Savings & Loans groups of the parents or the Micro-enterprises co-ops.
  • Planning and hosting events for the street and vulnerable children in Jamestown and its environs, such as Sharing Is Caring to donate health products/services, Back To School (Supplies for Dreams) to donate school supplies to our scholarship recipients, Play & Learn, Reading Is Fun, Sharing the Joy of Christmas among others .
  • Arranging national and international fundraising activities to help support the children and their education by using Face-to-Face, Online, Corporate etc. fundraising media.

Other Responsibilities

  • Specific Project Fundraising (GoFundMe etc.)
  • Godparent Drive: Raising godparents for the rescued children
  • Human Resource management activities
  • NGO Financial Accounting
  • Project management etc.

We offer

  • Before your departure to Ghana, we will provide an information package for you that also includes advice on visa affairs, health-related questions and other issues.
  • Airport pickup and drop off: SCEF arranges  airport pickup upon your arrival and help you get to your accommodation, but this is only possible if you arrange your accommodation through us. We want you to feel welcome and at ease right on your first day! Also, when the time comes to leave Ghana, SCEF would also assist you to the airport for departure.
  • City Tour: On your first day, we will show you where you can get on public transportation, buy food, where the bank is, how you get to work and some other places in Accra that you should know.
  • Volunteers Housing: SCEF helps you arrange housing for the period of your stay. We are in contact with people who rent furnished apartments to volunteers. Housing is not included in the volunteer’s fee but is arranged separately.
  • Monthly trips: SCEF’s partner organization BraveHearts Expedition offers a special deal for SCEF volunteers to explore beautiful areas in Ghana. If you like we can arrange for you to go on affordable trips with them.
  • Service: The SCEF HR Officer will help you with all the questions and difficulties you might face.


500 € / 670 $

The duration of our program is minimum of 12 weeks, maximum of 1 year. The fee is the same regardless of the duration of your stay. The fee goes straight to SCEF as a general donation which would be assigned to a specific project.

How to Apply

If you want to apply to our volunteers’ program, please email us your C.V. and a motivational letter with the explanation of why you want to volunteer with SCEF.

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Questions? Contact Us

If you want further information or if you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email on below: