Social Service

Street Work:

street work

Most children in James Town and Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metro district who live on the streets fall into one of the three categories that UNICEF currently uses to classify street children – street living children, street working children, or children from street families. This vulnerable and marginalized population is subject to dangers ranging from malnutrition to sexual assault to starvation. They have identified one of the most pressing issues contributing to the cycle of poverty and marginalization that this population experiences is a lack of access to education. Directed by our three R’s methodology (Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration), our social service team go into the streets where children of school-going age are engaged in various activities. With profiling, we came up with the following projects: Children in Hazardous Work (CHaW), Children Leading People with Disabilities and Legal Aid for Abused Girls projects. We are currently enforcing the CHaW project and looking for funding for the other two.



Rehabilitation & Reintegration:

rehab 1After rescuing the children from the streets, SCEF provides their necessary fees and resources to get them into school. But before then,both child and parent/ guardians are counseled on the importance of education and the child is enrolled in the rehabilitation program where they are taught basic numeracy, literacy and life skills; and the parents into the micro enterprise project.

Our beneficiaries are monitored regularly on their progress in school as well as ensuring their welfare.



Legal Aid/Health Interventions:


Apart from the ensuring that the educational needs of the child are met, we also provide legal aid to mostly sexually abused girls and other domestic violence victims. Parental negligence cases are also dealt with so that parents would be responsible for their children.

We hold several community health outreaches and sensitization workshops on topical health issues that affect a lot of street and vulnerable children. Street children who have different health conditions are sponsored to go through treatment and their progress is monitored until they have fully recovered or they are stable. The children are sensitized on their Reproductive Health so that they can live healthy sexual lives and report anyone who tries to abuse their sexual rights.


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