Play Space

Illustration of a Smily, a school child with weight and heart with a heart beat curve

Learning and growing with games

Regular sports and play improves a child’s physical and mental condition. That also helps them to pay better attention in school and therefore achieve better results in their education. SCEF believes sports is one of the ways the kids can remain strong, and above all happy. It equips them for work by improving vital team-working and other non-cognitive skills. It also improves their health which helps to avoid many diseases.

SCEF uses pedagogical methods in sports to teach the children classroom related activities such as spellings, pronunciation of words, sanitation and attentiveness. Sports Club is strategically planned to help kids get the understanding of things that they may be having challenges with in the classroom.

Illustration of scef staff teaching the teachers play based methodology

Training the teachers

The timetable of many schools shows Physical Education, but sports is never practised. In order to sustain SCEF’s Sports Club, we organized a play based methodology training workshop for teachers from schools in the James Town community. With that training, teachers learn new methods which they can use in the classroom.

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